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Wave Hub – working towards a sustainable future

Project Case Study

by Gwen Holland

Wave HubWave Hub Ltd. manages offshore test sites to advance the development of offshore renewable energy technologies. It was set up to help wave, tidal and offshore wind developers around the world to test their technologies in open sea conditions. Wave Hub is a small enterprise based in Hayle, Cornwall, with a smaller subdivision in Pembrokeshire. It was formed back in 2003, received its necessary consents from the UK government in 2007 and was fully commissioned in 2012.

Sustainability is central to Wave Hub operations as the company’s primary objective is to help wave, tidal and offshore wind developers around the world to test their renewable energy technologies; this promotes the use of natural renewable power as opposed to non-renewable fossil fuels.

Wave Hub is committed to sustainability on every level and they have formalised their sustainable practices in policies and statements, which are monitored and renewed annually. All leaflets, news stories and press releases are available in Welsh and English, whilst the Pembrokeshire site webpages are fully bilingual. The company works closely with organisations, communities and other stakeholders when making long-term decisions, and is committed to the wellbeing of its staff.

As part of their partnership work with SEACAMS2, Wave Hub has committed to further improving its sustainable working practices with the help of The Sustainability Lab.

Since working with SEACAMS2 and The Sustainability Lab, Wave Hub have formalised their flexible-working procedures by creating a Flexible-Working Statement, they have created and displayed an Eco-Code in their offices, and have organised stakeholder engagement.

As a result of making further improvements to its sustainability, Wave Hub have been awarded the Sustainability Lab’s ‘Working Towards a Sustainable Future’ CharterMark. Wave Hub is a great example of a company taking sustainability seriously, and it has been a pleasure working with them.


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