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Tocardo – formalising its vast sustainability practices

Project Case Study

by Gwen Holland

Tocardo is a tidal turbine developer and global leader in tidal energy solutions which was set up in 2008. It was founded and is still based in the Netherlands, and is currently preparing to have a UK (Welsh) office in the next year or so. The company’s core purpose is to develop state-of-the-art business solutions to maximise the potential of tidal energy production worldwide.

Tocardo is therefore evidently committed to its environmental sustainability, as its main purpose is to maximise renewable tidal power. Their mission is to contribute to clean, sustainable and predictable energy. However, the company is just as committed to economic, social and cultural sustainability.

As you would expect, Tocardo has numerous policies in place such as an Environmental Policy and Equality Policy, whilst there are many staff initiatives such as working from home, carpooling, the use of ICT when possible etc. Nevertheless, these policies needed to be reviewed, amended and applied to the UK office, and that’s what the company did with support from The Sustainability Lab, during their partnership with the SEACAMS2 project.

Tocardo improved their sustainability by reviewing and updating their Environmental Policy and Equality Policy, they also created a Welsh Language Policy and a Recruitment Policy.  Once the office is established, further sustainability initiatives will also be put in place, whilst they have received an Eco-Code template and a Wellbeing Code template from The Sustainability Lab.


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