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The ThinkTank is a friendly monthly group which takes place from October to May each year.  It is open to all staff and students and is also the monthly gathering of the Sustainability Champions.  It encourages its participants to come forward with and discuss all sorts of ideas around the environmental, social, cultural, ethical and financial aspects of Sustainability@Bangor, and the people and communities in and around campus, particularly for participants to lead their own projects and activities to create a sustainable future for Bangor University and it’s community.

There are 8 ThinkTanks in the academic year.  Following the introductory ThinkTank in October, the 7 other ThinkTanks are themed in line with Wales’ Well-being Goals.  This helps us focus equally on the different areas of sustainability and well-being during the academic year.

How to take part

To join in, visit our events page to find out when the next ThinkTank is, and turn up on the day – all welcome!  If you’ve got an idea that you want to discuss and you’re not sure which ThinkTank it fits into, or even if you think it doesn’t fit into any of the ThinkTanks available, get in touch with Jo, our ThinkTanks co-ordinator, and we’ll work out how we can fit it in.

Find out more

Contact Jo, our ThinkTanks Co-ordinator, or explore the resources below:

Previous presentations


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