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by Jalia N. Packwood

The establishment of the collaboration between Makerere University and Bangor University to promote sustainable development has seen the development of a Student Engagement Initiative which is aimed at ensuring that students from both Universities take the lead and work together to promote sustainable development within their Universities and communities.  With support from Hub Cymru Africa, and The Sustainability Lab in partnership with the Students’ Union Bangor and the Sustainability Program at Makerere, we are implementing a project entitled “Promoting sustainability and wellbeing across continents: developing the Bangor-Makerere students link.”

This project is currently focusing on four main areas which include urban greening, improving energy efficiency, improving waste management & resource utilisation, and increasing awareness, communication and publicity of sustainability. Students from both universities are working together to share ideas and implement these projects collaboratively.

Progress has been made through this project, some of which included employing a student intern, Luke Barrett, through the University’s Employability Scheme, to work as the direct liaison between the two student bodies and as part of the planning and implementing process of the project. Luke worked directly on the project under the supervision of the project coordinator developing his professional skills and project management.

He produced an energy efficiency guide using tips from the existing Bangor University strategy and shared it with the Makerere University student teams who in turn will be designing the energy efficiency strategy for their University. The Sustainability Lab and the Students’ Union have worked closely with Gabriel Hibberd, a ‘Forestry with Conservation’ student, to develop his idea of planting fruit trees on campus, to be implemented in autumn. This idea has been shared with students at Makerere University and it will be implemented collaboratively through the clubs and societies of both student unions.


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