Marine Energy Wales & Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum – Communicating Sustainability

by Gwen Holland

Marine Energy Wales (MEW) is an initiative set up and managed by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF), which was formed from the original Marine Energy Pembrokeshire (MEP) set up in 2010. Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum is a Community Interest Company that works to protect and enhance the coastal and marine environment for current and future generations. MEW, as MEP did before it, is instrumental in building positive and unique collaborations between industry, government and academia. MEW was set up in 2016 to do this on a pan-Wales level.

The MEW and PCF team has a depth of expertise in the coastal sector and prides itself on its ‘can do’ attitude. The company offers a range of services to help organisations and communities to work better in the coastal environment, from communicating with key stakeholders on coastal interests to undertaking sustainable management of the coastal zone region.

MEW and PCF work to help protect and enhance the marine and coastal environment, its landscapes and seascapes, and rich biodiversity for current and future generations. Their ambition is for a healthy and resilient community alongside a diverse and thriving coastal economy which uses natural resources sustainably.

Both MEW and PCF have sustainability at their core, whilst they have formalised their working practices in policies and statements, they have also been recognised for their good work. PCF is a multi-award winning coastal partnership, they were winners of the Sustain Wales Award in 2016, and were EU Natura 2000 Award Finalist in 2016. They have been developing ground-breaking best-practice in coastal management since 2000.

Whilst sustainability is integral to our work, there is always room for review and development. Engagement with SEACAMS2 and the Sustainability Lab has provided us with some clear objectives for ongoing improvement” – David Jones, MEW Project Director & PCF CEO

As part of their research collaboration with SEACAMS2, MEW/PCF teamed up with the Sustainability Lab to further improve their sustainability. It was decided that they would organise stakeholder engagement events and activities and review all of their policies, to ensure that sustainability was communicated to staff, stakeholders and members of the public. Work has also commenced on creating a staff handbook.

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