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Happy New Year!

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by Dr. Einir Young

Welcome back to a new year! I hope you had a restful time over Christmas and that you received a decent haul of seasonal greetings in the form of cards.

Donate your used stamps to charity

It’s more than likely that the card arrived in a stamped envelope. This is a short note to remind you that we at The Sustainability Lab team would like to encourage you to donate the stamps to charity.

Perhaps you, like me, have been collecting stamps for years in the hope that somebody knew what to do with them. This is your big chance to get rid of that sack-full of used stamps lurking in that dark corner where such ‘might be useful one day’ items lurk.

Mark Duggan at Deiniol Library has been collecting stamps for the RNIB for many years. How about getting involved with his good work and sending your Christmas stamps to Marc? All you need to do is to cut them out carefully leaving around one centimeter of envelope or packaging around each stamp and leave the rest to us.

Dr Rhydian James

Last year (2016) was a sad one for us as Dr Rhydian James, one of our colleagues here at The Sustainability Lab passed away. The North Wales Society for the Blind has established a memorial fund for him. Helping those with visual impairment is very close to our hearts.

Old Christmas cards

Old Christmas cards are being collected by Maesyneuadd Chapel, Trefor – for more information contact @siantirdu


Best wishes for a Happy, prosperous, resilient, healthy, more equal, more cohesive, full of Welsh language and culture and globally responsible New Year.

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