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Masnach Deg - yn sicrhau gwell bargen i Gynhyrchwyr y Trydydd Byd :: Fairtrade - guarantees a better deal for Third World Producers

Bangor University's Fair Trade certificate

Bangor University’s Fair Trade certificate 2015-2016

Bangor University and the Students’ Union have been granted Fair Trade status since September 2009. This means we have made a pledge to support Fair Trade.  All our shop assistants wear Fair Trade clothing, the University sells Fair Trade products in all catering outlets and Fair Trade clothing in its shop, and Fairtrade and local produce are an important part of the Food@Bangor menu planning.

Get involved

You can help promote and raise awareness of Fair Trade at Bangor University, here are some ideas:

  • Look out for the Fair Trade symbol on the products you buy
  • Buy Fair Trade products and gifts
  • If you can’t find them, ask for them
  • Stop buying exploitative products
  • Tell companies why you’ve stopped buying their products and why
  • Talk about Fair Trade with your friends

    Bangor University and Students’ Union Fairtrade Fortnight posters 2016

  • Join in with the next Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Get involved with the Fair Trade Steering Group

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