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EU project “Cross Cutting Themes” support

In order to qualify for funding support, the European Commission specifies that businesses must incorporate the Cross-Cutting Themes (Horizontal Principles) of Environmental Sustainability and Equal Opportunities into their projects as these are essential for the achievement of a well balanced, sustainable and innovative economy.

The European Structural Funds are allocated by the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) to projects that can demonstrate their ability to achieve outputs relevant to the programmes’ priorities and individual measures. The Sustainability Lab works with a number of projects with WEFO.

Funded programmes must demonstrate how they will address “the sustainable management of environmental resources” as well as “equal access for all to the education, training and employment opportunities offered through the programmes and to prevent any discrimination on the grounds of gender, disability, ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation and with regard to the bilingual nature of many of the region’s communities”.

All EU Project businesses undertake to complete at least one positive improvement of their management of both of the topics of environmental sustainability and equal opportunities with The Sustaibnability Lab’s Sustainable Business Developers. With the help of our experienced team, many businesses move on to develop other sustainable business practices to further increase their competitive edge.

If you would like advice or assistance on the Cross Cutting Themes please contact The Sustainability Lab, or visit WEFO’s website for more information.

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