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Sustainability at the heart of Commons Vision Ltd

Project Case Study

by Gwen Holland

Commons Vision Ltd. is the only company to have been awarded both the 2016 and 2017 ‘Working Towards a Sustainable Future’ CharterMark by The Sustainability Lab.

Commons Vision Ltd. is an environmental consulting and contracting company focusing on the management of common land for habitats. Recently however, the company has also directed its attention to researching and producing sustainable biochar, converting virgin organic (wood) waste into a carbon rich material that can be utilised as a soil enhancer. This new brand of sustainable biochar is called EarthChar.

Sustainability is at the heart of the company, and whilst they already had all the relevant policies in place and their whole ethos is to improve the natural environment by improving habitats, reducing carbon emissions, creating energy, improving agriculture, horticulture, land mitigation etc.; they still wanted to collaborate with The Sustainability Lab to make further improvements.

“TerraAffix” product card

During 2016 and 2017 Commons Vision Ltd. have been working in collaboration with numerous partners to look at ways of improving products, services and their supply chain, thus improving biodiversity and management of smaller woodland sites. They have sponsored MScs and a PhD student and are continually looking at new opportunities to support early researchers. The company has also translated sections of their websites into Welsh and continues to do so, whilst staff members have undertaken social marketing training to improve the link between their company and their products online to ensure transparency for customers. Product cards have been created to outline the environmental benefits of their products, whilst they quantify and monitor the amount of carbon dioxide sequestered within their materials.

Gwen Holland of The Sustainability Lab who is working with Commons Vision Ltd. said:

It has been truly inspiring to work with a Welsh company that has such a dedication to sustainability. Commons Vision Ltd. is one of the first companies we have worked with using the Well-being of Future Generations Act as a framework, and it was humbling to see that when considering the company’s impact on the seven wellbeing goals, additional improvements were made to most of them”

For further information on Commons Vision Ltd. or their newest product EarthChar, please visit: and


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