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Client feedback

Many thanks again for your support and guidance on helping Jellagen achieve its Sustainable Development CharterMark. We value the opportunity that the use of this CharterMark will give the company and are delighted to incorporate this on to our website and other promo material.”
Andrew Mearns Spragg, Founder & CEO, Jellagen Pty Ltd.

Over the past five years Anglesey Sea Salt has formalised our sustainability policies, which were the first step to improving many practices. This has led to measurable changes ranging from using solar panels, titanium heat exchangers and low energy bulbs. Last year to maintain momentum Anglesey Sea Salt changed from using tubes to hold sea salt to pouches and header cards. As a result there was a saving in CO2 and weight, and recycling is straightforward. “The saving in weight alone means that the company has saved on carriage costs which has helped to offset fuel increases by carriers. Another benefit is that the company could get their second run of 100,000 pouches from the UK instead of India and the header cards are now printed on recycled card by a Welsh printer. Sustainability has ticked a lot of boxes.”
David Lea-Wilson, Director of Anglesey Sea Salt

We feel honoured to be the first company to receive the CharterMark demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development; we’ve already displayed the CharterMark on our website. Sustainability is a key element to our work in investigating the effect of feed additives on the gut microbial populations and the potential in reducing obesity and therefore improving the well-being of pets.”
Dr Carol Michael, co-director of Phytorigins

Small Ship Management Ltd. are marine surveyors who undertake pre-insurance condition surveys on small vessels around the Welsh coast. They also conduct Inspections on Small Commercial Vessels for their Workboat Certificates. The Company has been environmentally aware for some years, but the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Charter was welcomed as providing a disciplined focus on these important issues. In addition, the award of the CharterMark ensured independent advice about, and assessment of, the Company’s efforts. In our small way we try to contribute to sustainable development where it should have the greatest impact.”
Chris Corcoran, Small Ship Management

The HealthCheck has been an extremely useful tool in our ongoing work to develop a social responsibility plan. The HealthCheck highlighted some areas of concern that we had not previously considered, and also confirmed many of our ideas for improvement.”
International Baccalaureate Organization

This is our micro- SME’s first environmental sustainability accreditation and Gwen made the whole process very simple for us. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint and it is nice to have this recognised. Hopefully the CharterMark will help our small company build its environmental sustainability reputation in a field of larger consultancies who already have systems for many marks and standards in place.”
Marine Ecological Solutions Ltd

At Bangor University, sustainability is part of everything we do. It is how we function and why we function.”
Professor John G.Hughes, Vice Chancellor, Bangor University

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