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Project Case Study

Welsh means business
Ffalabalam Nursery

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Menna Jones talks about the Welsh language at the nursery (Fluent Welsh)

Behavioural change and principles of sustainable development help businesses stand out from the crowd

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Delphius, a coaching and consultancy business, worked with the Sustainable Business Team and the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change to embed principles of behaviour change and neuro-psychology into its approach to leadership and consultancy.

Janet Hamilton-Wilks, Owner-Director, used the Sustanable Business HealthCheck and a free WCBC workshop to identify areas in which to strengthen her business, leading her to write key policies. Frameworks of business sustainability helped Delphius define its brand. By examining the activities which have multiple social, environmental and economic impacts, Janet was able to explore those aspects which differentiate her business from others.

Tailoring an Environmental Policy to her business helped satisfy Janet that Delphius was not just ticking boxes, but making a real contribution to enhancing the environment. Delphius has also made a commitment to the Welsh language. Examining the business case for using Welsh helped identify the benefits of making Welsh visible on publications and marketing materials, and of encouraging staff to speak Welsh.

Identifying selling points using the Sustainable Business HealthCheck
Marchnad Ogwen

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So much more than just a farmer’s market, Marchnad Ogwen provides an outlet for locally produced foods and crafts, reflecting the linguistic, agricultural and artistic heritage of the Ogwen valley.

As part of a project to increase footfall and the variety of produce sold the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change used the Sustainable Business HealthCheck to help identify the market’s strong selling points.

It soon became clear that the use and promotion of the Welsh language drives many of Marchnad Ogwen’s positive impacts.

The bilingual market attracts local stallholders, reducing the tendency to sell products sourced from further afield, lessening the impact of transport on the environment. It also increases the value of the market as a place to bring English and Welsh speakers together. This results in an appeal to a very dense local market and consequently a high economic impact on the local community. The market is thriving and has recently moved to a new location, Neuadd Ogwen.

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Rhai o'r stondinau :: Two of the stalls

Y Lasynys Fawr Mansion House
Friends of Ellis Wynne

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Y Lasynys Fawr, Harlech, Gwynedd, is an important Welsh cultural site. The birthplace of Ellis Wynne, a Welsh clergyman and author of an influential piece of literature, Visions of the Sleeping Bard published in 1703.

Friends of Ellis Wynne are responsible for the Mansion House. Their aim is to enable the local community to use the house for cultural events. They intend to increase visitor numbers and are developing plans for a new interpretation centre. To develop a sustainable management system our Ecological Engineering team conducted a biodiversity assessment of the grounds. The final report contains information on the surrounding habitats, the local plant and animal species, management plan, and the importance for sustaining biodiversity. This information will be available on public interpretation boards. Y Lasynys Fawr can be part of a network of businesses that encourages attractions to work together enhancing the visitor experience and encouraging longer stays.

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