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Accessibility statement

At the time of development this website passed all of the automatic WAVE web accessibility test and we have done our best to meet the manual checkpoints of WCAG 2.0 to level AAA. Please get in touch if you have problems accessing any parts of the site.

Text size

The website has been built with relative sizes so you can use your browser to make the text bigger. In internet explorer and Firefox go to the menu bar select the View menu and scroll down to Text size – then choose larger (or increase). Or the ctrl key plus ‘+’ to increase text size, ctrl key plus ‘-‘ to decrease text size.


Links are differentiated from plain text by a visual method (italic or underline depending on the surrounding text) as well as colour. This ensures anyone with difficulty distinguishing colours (technical or physical) can still see the links. Links have meaningful text associated. Where the meaning of the text is unclear a title tag has been used to clarify when the link points too. The title will show up as a tooltip on a mouse rollover.


We use javascript in our ‘Meet the team’ page so you can view details on each staff member without leaving the page. If you don’t have javascript click on the links as normal, this will load the staff page. Then use the browser back button to go back to the main team page.


Alternative text for images or Alt tags are all defined with a meaningful description where appropriate. Those using text only browsers and screen readers will be able to get an idea of the meaning in the picture. Decorative or spacer images should have empty alt tags so the screen reader doesn’t read out the image file name. Additionally where the surrounding text provides full meaning we have left the alt tags empty.


We’ve used semantic (meaningful) markup to define structure within the text flow e.g. headers, lists, quotations and paragraphs. A structured document which includes different header levels, lists etc where appropriate is easier to read for users of visual browsers and easier to listen to for users of screen readers. It is also compliant with W3C standards for web pages. Language attribute identified in the html tag making it easier for screen readers to pronounce words in the right way. This site is written in English with a Welsh mirror. Page titles are displayed in the window title bar and are read out by screen readers. We’ve tried to make page titles meaningful, as it can be an invaluable orientation device for users. It’s also handy if you use tabbed browsing.

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